HIPAA compliant Social Media for healthcare
medEchat is a HIPAA compliant social media messaging platform for healthcare providers, patients, & staff members
  • medEchat is HIPAA compliant social media that provides patient education and communication all in one place
  • medEchat allows private and public healthcare communication and education in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment
  • medEchat provides insurance companies and healthcare providers a way to communicate with patients and other professionals quickly, safely and effectively
  • Never close your office

    medEchat enables patients to be in contact with their physician at any time from anywhere

    Connect instantly

    Physicians and patients can communicate and share files in a secure HIPAA compliant platform

    Empower patients

    Physicians send educational materials based on diagnosis and treatment

    Why physicians?

    According to research, patient education saves time, reduces Patient re-visits (20-25%), and improves Patient satisfaction.

    Patient satisfaction leads to more referrals.

    A secure messaging platform between patients and office staff decreases phone calls, administrative workload and in-office costs.

    Educational materials

    medEchat believes in the empowering of patients with education.

    At medEchat, a team of experienced medical researchers works to overview the latest available data on patient education, new findings, and changes in the guidelines. Our education experts convert the patient education materials to patient-friendly videos, images and short articles. All materials are explained in plain language and tailored to the needs of the patients.

    How medEchat improves healthcare?

    medEchat Improves Patient Communication, Practice Collaboration, and Delivers Daily Personalized Patient Education Materials From Care Providers to Patients.

    Provide answers to a wide range of questions

    Should I take my pills on an empty stomach?
    Is bicycling going to improve my knee pain?
    Can I get my blood work done if I'm not fasting?
    Why should I do colonoscopy?
    Can I take antibiotics whenever I have a sore throat?
    My mother is diagnosed with breast cancer, what should I do?
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